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Thank you for being part of the MaxLife online community. This is the launch of our first weekly newsletter.

Every week, we will feature helpful tips focused on the MaxLife concept which is based on 8 domains of intentional living: health, financial, vocational, emotional, family, relational, intellectual and spiritual. Having a heightened awareness of a domain we excel in, as well as growth areas enables greater intentionality in our daily decisions. Chronically neglecting an area can lead to unintended consequences. MaxLife has developed an inventory to guide you in assessing where you are currently at in each of the 8 domains. You can access the survey at: MaxLifeInventory.com.

Every week, we will look at one question/statement of the 80-total highlighted on the inventory (10 per domain). Some questions/statements are negatively phrased and others are positively phrased. Here is the first statement on the MaxLife Inventory: “I do not seem to have enough energy for the day.

Perhaps you feel drained at the end of the day…ready to collapse. We often equate feeling exhausted with hard physical labor. However, the impact of emotional factors in our life can be equally, if not more impactful on our energy level. We can think about our energy level like the battery on our cell phone. Throughout the day, the battery drains and by the end of the day it needs to be charged overnight.

There is no question that adequate sleep is one of the major factors directly impacting our energy level. “During high-quality sleep, your body restores many functions it calls on during daily life, such as temperature regulation, a strong immune system, steady hormone levels, and good appetite. All of these factors play a role in how much energy you have. To operate at your peak potential, you need to maintain these functions through quality sleep.” sleepfoundation.org. There are many factors that contribute to an adequate night’s sleep (one of them being the amount of time). The following article gives a great overview and some practical tips for improving sleep: sleepfoundation.org/articles/how-much-sleep-do-we-really-need. I want to encourage you to begin experiencing “high quality” sleep. Yes, there are many other factors that impact our energy level, but this is one area we can’t afford to neglect.

MaxLife Events has just completed recording a new Discovery Series by John T. Boston entitled: Leading from Your Pain. In this series, John shares some of the challenges he has encountered in his life: being adopted, experiencing infertility, and a near fatal car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury. John draws powerful life lessons for overcoming pain. In fact, he believes that if we can lead from our pain, we will take our leadership to the next level. To watch the series, visit: MaxLifeEvents.com/lead.

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