7 Questions for Intentional Living–Vocation

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It is a seismic shift from giving advice to asking questions. Giving advice is quick. Asking questions takes time and requires listening. Giving advice draws from our experience. Asking questions relies on the other person’s experience. Giving advice feels good to us. Asking questions feels good to them. Once you make the shift, you will never want to go back to advice giving. It simply isn’t effective. Powerful questions can be life changing! In this series, I will ask you 7 questions about living with intentionality in your spiritual life. These questions are proven to hit the mark every time. Are you ready to start?

About the Presenter

Dr. Tom L. Evans grew up in the Pacific Northwest. His passions include travel, experiencing other cultures, family and hospitality. Tom completed his doctoral degree at Andrews University and has served as a faith leader and professor. He has spoken in numerous countries globally. Tom is married to Silmara, who is originally from Brazil and has two sons and three grown daughters. He is currently living in the beautiful town of Silverton, Oregon. 

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