Slaying the Pornography Dragon

About this Series

There is an addiction that not only impacts the addict, but also the people they love most. This addiction devalues one’s worth and the worth of those around them. It produces a sense of loneliness while also doubling the divorce rate for those who are married. This addiction that seems to be controlling so many people all over the world is pornography. Do you want to know how to regain control of your life and slay this giant along with the feelings of low self-worth and loneliness that come with it? Do you want to improve your relationships with those you love the most? Join me in taking a look at how I permanently destroyed the dragon of pornography in my life. You will see how to experience a better quality of life as you learn to take control of it.

Meet the Presenter

David Machado is the speaker/director of Revelation of Love. Due to some unfortunate circumstances outside his control, David found himself in a dark place. From drug abuse and violence which threatened David’s life, to near abduction by a stranger, to being forced into watching porn (which turned into an addiction), it seemed like any threads of hope were completely unraveled from David’s life. But a providential encounter changed David’s life forever. He has been on a new journey for the past 13 years, and is full of hope.

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